Harina de otro saco
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acronym X  ˈakrənɪm/

noun plural: BEFORE  AFTER

  1. X.

    an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of words-paintings-actions that cease to exist.

PRESENTED  at DRUCK BERLIN screenprint festival. December 2013

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Home Sweet Home

ANTON UNAI investigates the early modern sources of the English reputation as the most indefatigable writers of NONSENSE letters in the world.

Hand Made Silkscreen series on found cardboard paper.

Two Gallants – Anna’s Sweater

See the clouds light the way
To a perfect view
To a perfect day
It’s just that much
It’s just that much

And this I know
If I could close my eyes
Hell would give me sire
Able to see you
The way I saw that night
Saw that night

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Marie Angel’s made her name in the Balkan music fields as an outspoken, witness-bearing sex moralist. Then she entered politics through the back door.
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Emily Davison’s legacy In 1913, a suffragette walked onto the racetrack and was trampled by a horse at the Epsom Derby. A public death is the founding act of many revolutions.
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Canvas  by  andbamnan